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Sautéed Shrimp - Dampa Style

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One of my favorite food while growing up is the Sautéed Shrimp (dampa style). This remains my favorite comfort food until now. My mouth waters every time I think about eating it with bare hands! Paired with warm rice and ice-cold coca-cola, this for me is the perfect lunch or dinner. Yum! Beats any gourmet food in the world!

Sautéed Shrimp (Dampa Style) is a popular dish in many food market stalls and carinderias around the country (the term "dampa" which means small hut). It's easy to prepare but tastes so delicious! 

I was chatting with one of my trainees last Sunday and she mentioned that they were having lunch at Bucket Shrimps together with some of her classmates. My mind stopped working after I heard shrimps. I had to have Sautéed Shrimp that day. 

So, I dragged my 6yo to the market near our house and bought some just for me! My husband is allergic to crustaceans which makes me sad and happy at the same time. Sad because he can't enjoy this God-given delicious bounty but happy because it means more for me! Yay! 

My kids also do not eat shrimps simply because they do not like how it looks. LOL 

Anyways, I'd give up pizza and burgers anytime for this pinoy dish. I ate about 90% of the sautéed shrimps and it took so much effort to leave a few pieces for my mom. I had no choice but to leave her some because she was the one who gave me the instructions for this recipe. Ha ha ha!

Let's get cooking!

  • 300 grams shrimp
  • 2 tbsp garlic, minced
  • 1/4 cup cooking oil
  • 1 cup 7UP
  • salt and pepper to taste

  • Wash shrimps, remove the antennas and place in a wok
  • Add 7UP and salt
  • Cook over medium heat until 7UP has evaporated
  • Add cooking oil and toss shrimp
  • Add garlic and let it cook until color turns reddish orange
  • Add pepper to taste and remove from heat

Dipped in spicy soy sauce, lemon and vinegar mixture, this dampa style sautéed shrimp is simply the best. I'm actually thinking about cooking it again this coming weekend and this time, I ain't sharing! LOL 

How about you? What's your favorite seafood? Do you cook shrimp the same way? Tell me in the comments!

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